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I know it's their job basically but Google has my _number_

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me: *walks past child on bus*
Child, immediately to parent: “I wanna dye my hair!” is back up! It... turned out I ran out of disk space 😰

not to be a horse or anything but I would devour a sugar cube rn

There's an ad for the RBG book in the subway that someone wrote RIP on and my heart stopped beating for several seconds

(She is fine)

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HEY! do you wanna get some shiny new art, AND help a trans girl keep a roof over her head in the process??

🍓 🍓

if you don't need art but you're into music, i make a whole bunch of music across a few different bandcamps:

ALSO, if you don't need or want art OR music but DO want to help, i have a ko-fi:

literally anything at all is appreciated so much <3 <3 <3

Can't wait for 2025 when the hot new Hollywood trend is gay remakes of mid-2000s romcoms

She do a snif
She take a doze
But most importantly she lik the nose

I am very happy to be headed home, and I will be even happier when I am asleep

Hey psst! I'm giving a talk at tommorrow, and it'll be livestreamed! My talk is at 14:10 PST, but you should watch all of them, they're awesome!

Fido's Dog Training: Come for the obedience classes, Stay! Staaaaaaay... Good Girl!

Contributing to small open source repos is just the best. The owners are thrilled to recieve interest, and you get the changes you need upstream quickly

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Gay Horse Club

If you're gay and a horse, this is the club for you