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If you are a landlord this is the scariest image in the world

what if I gave you no money, you gave me your house, and you got in the sea

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"hey we want 1/3rd of your monthly income to me for having more money than you. Oh, no, you can't bring your cat, we don't want you thinking this is actually _your_ home

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how does anyone go through apartment hunting and not become radicalised

three for the elven kings, seven for the dwarf lords, nime for the lords of man. But they were all of them additive commutative and additiviely and multiplicatively associative thus forming the One Ring,

this rapper is trans and you can't convince me otherwise

“it's like Ireland but for Québécois instead of snakes” - @seasparks

for bonus points this recruiter spam was sent to my work email

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I think you and I have very different associations with that company!!

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How silly. There will never be a worse transit line than the Music City Star

“Hi, we're a paxos hivemind”
“wait, so no-one's in charge?”
“oh no, Steve is”
“Wait I thought it was Lena”
“Hi, we're two paxos hiveminds”

Cities become associated with their pests. New York has rats, Toronto has racoons, San Francisco has VCs,

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