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The logical conclusion is a pokestop in the middle of the ocean, a digital tombstone of a former island nation

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There are probably entire towns that have been completely erased by fire or flooding, with Pokemon and Pokestops standing a sort of virtual vigil

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Instead of a representation of the world, they're a historical record of it

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Pokemon Go (and Ingress) have been around for long enough that a lot of their landmarks are gone or unrecognisable

Bus driver: "are you heading back to school?"
Me, 30: no but I appreciate the compliment

The world is cold and scary, but right now it's raining, I have tea, and I'm under the kotatsu so things could definitely be worse

Sometimes a family is a collection of genera and I think that's beautiful

Imagining a world where people all have financial cushions but every fortune 500 company is one bad quarter away from chapter 7 😊

SESTA/FOSTA is an abomination and any "liberal" government with an ounce of self respect would've destroyed it long ago

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If every tech company is gonna decide you can't see a boob then I guess we're just gonna have to make some people Uncomfortable until they get over it

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putting all your porn purchases on the blockchain so you can be a cryptographically certified freak

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The cool thing about ADHD is that a workday is either a total loss or I hyperfocus so hard I can barely do anything after the workday ends

You ever have a weekend off from your job and you're mad at yourself because you didn't get enough done on a hobby that looks a lot like work

Whenever I see a job location as Canada (Remote) I like to imagine it has to be a cabin in the Yukon only accessible by float plane

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