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Microservices: the "I'll try threading" of the 2010s

cons of working somewhere like jetblue: weird internal culture, lower salary, less interesting work, so normie I might need to dye my hair back to brown, a million other things
pros: airplen cool

“ Rob Zombie a cryptid?”

@caravel: “i don't know, maybe!”

One of my favourite pieces of NYC graffiti says “MILLENIALS GO HOME”

To... the 90s?

The problem with having multiple hobbies: I got blisters from wearing heels all weekend for cosplays, and because of them I can't climb today 😫

Today's physec achievement: a locked box we don't have the key for in our utility closet has been beeping. was going to hire a locksmith, but I just pried it open with a screwdriver 🤷

Why would it ever matter where a train is coming from

So glad Maryland finally made Bronies illegal

I pledge allegiance, to the flag...

“Anyway we can't get married there.”

“what if... we only told them one of us was trans”

Meta display of the day: Bronycon's social cue cards

Bring to tbh

Things I _should_ have expected: an old town road remix

I also didn't expect something called the “Bronypalooza” to have live pyro but here we are

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