yeah we do this in Mandarin because the videos play slightly faster

corporate security training (any%)

Me: “I do”

_turns to my bride_ “It's okay if you don't yet, I don't want to pressure you”

I wanna be a reverse VC

I go to companies that I think are changing their world for the worse and just take all their money

Fun Android experience of the day: Trying to set up a user on my phone for work, it literally would not let me complete setup without activating Google Assistant. And since my company's device admin disabled that... I had to register a new, separate account for it.

.@caravel and I watched a particularly intense Revue Starlight and after we finished it THESE WEIRDOS SHOW UP ON THE CHROMECAST

s/o to Mandarin Phrases I lesson one, which was so buggy I lost all my health twice 🤐

The Brooklyn internet situation isn't rn read my stream comment on the air so basically I'm internet famous now

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