someone quietly hummed the first few bars of the My Little Pony theme from across a very loud classroom and I _immediately_ perked up because I am beyond self-parody

fire emblem hot take: byleth is cute and I love her

Surprise shout-out to finger counting in binary in this morning's Nintendo Direct 😮

To the person wearing a “FRENCH FRIES AND ITALIAN GUYS” shirt to church today: I do not agree with your decision, but I will defend your right to make it

RPG concept: Gutenberg Heavy. Has a shotgun that shoots lead type

There's not as established a script for that so I think I get better answers

I've stopped asking about “diversity” in interviews because the term is almost meaningless now. Instead, I ask about a company's commitment to social justice.

when sent is not on stream, everyone should be asking "where is sent"

the holidays are over! I'm still on the job market, but I may not be for long. If you want an SRE with k8s experience and great hair for your company, you should get in touch soon!

Frustrating to hear people talk so positively about Life is Strange 2 when I know the whole thing was voiced by scabs

I'm not saying I'm gonna, but if I've never had wine where would I start

that sounds like the plot of a cheesy movie but it actually happened

s/o to the time my high school got shut down so a group of steel executives could keep their stock from getting diluted

Our gym was playing Vi Sitter I Ventrilo Og Spiller Dota this morning so 2020 is starting strong 🇸🇪

me last night: ooh I have a cool idea for a game
me today: what the fk is a Quaternion

Thank you very much, and s/o to for the recommendation!

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