The end theme of was composed by, a wife-and-wife folk duo and sometimes media is still okay

“tell us about where you grew up,”

I'm in Northern Wisconsin and I think Byleth would like it here

how does a "classic" set a new standard??? words mean things!!

Ever go back to your childhood home and get dead named by an engraved stool 🤷🏻‍♀️

When you're visiting another fandom and they decide to come for your whole life

Hubert Fire Emblem looks like if Edgar Allen Poe was an Australopithecus

Tongue: *slaps roof of mouth*
Mouth: ⟨l⟩

A lot of people tell me it holds up well!

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repeatedly attempting to enter cheat code “cake boss” into grand theft auto to no avail before being shot by the cops

UK friends, what website do you use to buy train tickets? There's... there's so many

Former from, latter

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