January: white
February: pink
March: green
April: yellow
May: lavender
June: sky blue
July: red
August: orange
September: blue
October: orange
November: brown
December: green

.@_seasparks@twitter.com, @itscaravel@twitter.com and I are arguing what colour the months are

OBVIOUSLY April is yellow, these philistines think it's blue

normally I'd send to @github@twitter.com, but that's for companies that aren't ICE collaborators.

lets build a future where the Dow matters as much to the average person as Dogecoin exchange rates do

there's work to be done. there's people who want to work. there's houses empty. there's people that need houses.

the line can't go up forever, and we can all just stop pretending it has to

A reminder that we can and should build a society where the stock market going down only affects stock brokers

my feed will, as usual, be april fools-free. 's not that funny anymore y'all, especially now.

What's not being a furry like

“oh actually I don't want a tail”


[poll] would you watch me stream being bad at Destiny

Cut my salary. Raise the pharmacists, the sanitation worker's, the delivery cyclist braving new York traffic. Raise taxes on everyone who can afford it. Lift us all up.

I am scared by this crisis, and I am working through this by imagining building a better world. Let us build a world where this never happens again, because we are all ready.

Push to make these changes permanent. Let people work from home. Freeze the rent. Give everyone paid sick days and raises.

The Dow need not be the measure of the health of our society. Capital has failed us, and we do not need it anymore

Make this halt to air travel more permanent so we can start cutting out carbon footprint

Imagine nobody in this crisis or the next one needing to worry about health insurance or their rent

Think what we could do to the unemployment rate if we doubled wages and halved hours

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