My wife is making fun of me because when I was collecting state quarters my mum took me to the bank to get a roll of quarters

I think that was just efficient

Do I know anyone who plays Elite: Dangerous

Playing with the capacitive stylus we got for voting today and realising I miss my palm pilot

Tired: internalised homophobia
Wired: externalised heterophobia

Give money. Volunteer your time if you have any. I don't leave my house, I just make phone calls! And never stop agitating for reform.

The system. Doesn't. Work. We know that on an intellectual level, but seeing it on an emotional level is something else entirely. We can do better. We will do better.

So many people, on streets whose names I know, whose buildings I walk past, all struggling to feed themselves and their families.

I volunteer with a local mutual aid organization for a few hours a week, and if I wasn't already radicalized this would've done it.

Anyone have any recommendations for modern leftist texts by black authors? Everything I'm finding is either by white dudes or about a specific person/period, looking for more of an entry point

People who belong at pride:
- All aces
- Straight trans people
- People still feeling their way out of the closet
- He/him lesbians
People who don't belong at pride:
- cops

My latest weird passion project: yooper, a library and CLI for discovering UPnP devices on your network

Today's achievement: @Caviar was being fucky, so I became the caviar and just biked over

Ashes to Ashes
Dust to Dust
I am the identity function

* the dude who handed out takis
* The absolute legend behind me who kept leading chants for three hours
* People in their houses banging pots and pans out the windows
* The liquor store that passed out beer

Highlights from today's BLM protest ride:
* The random bodega passing out water bottles to riders
* All the MTA bus drivers honking in support, especially the one who changed destination board to say “I love NY”
* the round of applause and chant we gave the USPS workers we passed

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