Downtown San Diego is like, 90% stop signs and it's wild

There's a bunch of atheists tabling in this part and as I walked past I heard someone saying “I'm sorry if I offended you” 🙄

We've been talking a lot about a “smooth transition” and I haven't made any jokes in the moment but: lol

Excited to parrot operational sound bites until they mute me on Zoom

I don't talk about work stuff very often, but I'm moving back into an SRE role (at my current employer) and I'm super hype

I'm looking at the documents more, and it doesn't actually mention HDHP, it says “HSA PPO,” which according to my research shouldn't be possible?

HSA+HDHP has gotta be cheaper for my company with how hard they're pushing it, but it's so difficult to calculate mental health payouts I feel like I'm rolling the dice

My research indicates HSA+HDHP is mostly for healthy younger people (lol), but I wonder if the HSA is more of a benefit for mental health since the payouts are usually so stingy

Do any americans have strong opinions on HSA + HDHP vs PPOs

Everypony has to bail rainbow dash out of jail after she accidentally keys Mayor Mare's car. Rarity starts a tabloid

Applejack's backyard apple tree is encroaching on her neighbour's yard, and she has to fight to keep them from selling the apples they find. Rainbow Dash does her taxes badly

Fluttershy's so nervous about the cable repair person showing up that she locks herself out of her apartment. Rainbow dash accidentally buys a taxi.

Pinkie Pie's business gets some unwanted publicity after unused dough explodes all over the Lower East. Rainbow Dash teaches Cadance's daughter swear words

Rarity has a crisis of faith after it turns out her favourite kind of tea also comes in teabags. Rainbow Dash invents a new kind of pants

Twilight Sparkle loses her favourite quill on the subway and spends hours asking everypony if they've seen it. Rainbow Dash forgets where her house is.

Combination heist + tomb raiding movie where a group of activists steal artefacts from Western museums and sneak last all the deadly traps to return them

Thousands of underprivileged upper middle class kids can't afford fuel for their helicopters, which keeps them from truly excelling in the sport of kings

I'm Dave Billionaire, and I'm happy to announce I'm giving all my Money to a new charity, promoting the sport of Helicopter Basketball

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