Was there Video Toaster porn? There must've been

lesbians don't so much 'borrow' from a canon as meet it in a dark alley, beat it up, and look for loose sapphics

2022 is like the end of fight club when all the skyscrapers collapse, except _your_ building is fine so you still have to go to work

People sometimes think I'm brave for speaking up at work, but I think bravery requires fear. I'm indifferent (and privileged) to fear repraisal. I'm just noisy.

"I've published three articles on category theory just this year! Why'd American Football get the fellowship?"
"Sorry, Math Rock beats math paper."

Monday. We're all still doing this huh? Alright

Girlboss is over. 2022 is the year or the girlunion

The story of John Henry is not of man vs machine, but of the failure of technology under capitalism to improve the lives of the populace. The steam drill should've made his life easier, not replaced him; In this essay I will

Happy birthday to every horse in the northern hemisphere

Happy solstice, everyone. If you're in the northern hemisphere the days are getting longer again!

Did you know if you tipped 432 park over to the west, you'd hit Trump Tower?

I thought that was neat

Woah: Local Engineer Does It Manually Instead of Spending Twice as Long Automating It

Committed to shareholder value, call that raison EBITDA

Crash of 29 → securities act of 34 → companies must report quarterly results → services offer more consistent financial returns than one-off purchases → everything has to be a service → internet of things → your thermostat has an internet connection → Belarusian Teenagers take over your home network

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The feminine urge to get another pixie cut

I like MLP G5 well enough, but I think the move to Intel is going to be good in the long-term

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