me: Google is offering a $300 USD trade-in for my phone in the US CAD vs $50 here. I'll just get it proxied up here
shipping: $40 USD
duty: $110 USD
UPS brokerage fee: $80 USD


Me, at seven AM, barely slept: if story a is a sequel to story b, that doesn't make story b a prequel to story a. so the sequel/prequel operator isn't communitive

excited to announce i've taken the cowards way out of the US's political crises

(it's not that big a place it's just *extremely* vertical)

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My crowning achievement: unnecessarily nice AP installation

looking at this and thinking "I did this, I routed all of these" is pretty cool

The right earbud failed, and last time it was the left one, so

Is it a punishing job where you will be abused and undervalued? Probably. Just let me dream

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Instead of romanticising being a farmer I romanticise being a personal assistant

stonewall was a riot and they still make bricks

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happy pride month y'all! the purpose of a protest is a show of strength and the implicit threat of violence if demands aren't met

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