How silly. There will never be a worse transit line than the Music City Star

“Hi, we're a paxos hivemind”
“wait, so no-one's in charge?”
“oh no, Steve is”
“Wait I thought it was Lena”
“Hi, we're two paxos hiveminds”

Cities become associated with their pests. New York has rats, Toronto has racoons, San Francisco has VCs,

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not the weirdest way I've procrastinated but it's up there

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Vancouver real estate is hilarious. Because there's enormous taxes on unoccupied houses, there's a bunch of postings like this

i've started sshing into my NAS to test shell commands

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when you're the only one on the team who runs Linux

My wife and I played Uno with my roommate and her sister and we accidentally invented a horrible rule, then I simulated it a bunch

I'm not a car person but I absolutely adore Kei cars. They're just funky little guys!

“coming out of the hanger” and admitting I like airplanes

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