We've crossed the border back into England now, and tomorrow we fly back to New York. It's been real

And like, probably I'd be miserable living here. I don't drink, for one. And I imagine the SADD here is substantial. But it's been an absolutely grand few days

Like, I saw a small slice of what this place has to offer, it was wonderful, and I'm already thinking about coming back

I think I feel the same way about leaving Scotland that a lot of my friends feel when they leave Japan

They were fast asleep at Crewe and so they never knew
They were sleeping all the while I was busy at Carlisle
They might see me at Dumfries if I summoned the police

My name is Beta and half the place names I know in the UK are from hearing Skimbleshanks the Railway Cat

Sometimes you're at a pride festival in Scotland and you have to visit the British Applebee's

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