Anyway someone should pitch an aritcle to Ars or something, I think it’d be a fascinating read without the self-aggrandising gonzo perspetive

The Minecraft server in question (because yes this is about minecraft) has a very interesting political definition of “hacking” in the same way speedrunning has a lot of definitions for “glitches.” You’re allowed to cheat, but not _too much_

And the vulnerability itself involves a relatively narrow disclosure mixed with clever machine learning, social analysis, and correlation to turn that into complete disclosure

There’s also Enigma/Ultra style cover-stories for intelligence so as not to reveal the source of information

It features intentionally exploiting a vulnerability because said bug’s obvious remediation would open a much more useful information disclosure

This video is definitely 4chan-flavoured, but it’s a fascinating infosec case study

"I think Ringo should get bonus damage against other Beatles" - @_seasparks

Take out loans. Hire city residents. Give that land back to all the black families you stole it from.

"It's too expensive" freeways are money sucks. Businesses and homes pay property tax. Issue bonds against that revenue, that's how governmental budgets work

The infrastructure is crumbling anyway. Build shops there, houses, neighbourhoods, transit.

I see these enormous scars in every American city and its so depressing

Tear down all the inner city freeways

are there any racing game speedruns with clutch clutch strats

It's one of the reasons I don't think I'll ever go into management, too singularly important

You might think this is because of sustainability or whatever and it isn't *not* but mostly I am just extremely tired all the time

If I can't take a nap or a vacation because I'm too valuable I have failed

My primary work philosophy is around doing good work but not being very important

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