Hackers stealing intellectual property related to vaccine production and distribution is praxis, all that information should be public domain

If empathy for your clients isn't the first tool you reach for as a software engineer I don't think you're a good one

Wishing all Slack employees good luck writing their V2MOMs

I like dreams about being back in Uni because I get to wake up and not be in Uni anymore

It will never stop being funny to me that Twitter runs preroll ads on videos in sponsored posts

Today's "but what if we monetized the rot:" a venture-backed startup for nonprofits to solicit and receive donations, literally called "Classy" 🙄😩

"My darling wife, my beautiful spouse who I adore," - @itscaravel when I have done something Incorrect

_walks up to straight couple_ which of you is the emotionally repressed lesbian from a wealthy family and which of you is the bisexual golden retriever that finally breaks her walls down

I know there's a lot of important stuff going on but I just discovered an Egyptian canal that goes _under the suez canal_ using a gigantic syphon and I think that's cool as heck

"my brain couldn't come up with the word for a casual sexual encounter, so what I came up with was...

_cracks up_

fuckventure" - @itscaravel, my wife who I love more than anything in the world

I taught my macropad to open shortcuts on my iPad so now I have a "youtube" key and a "spotify" key to go with my prev/pause/next and vol up/mute/down

also hot take, the US *is* really pretty

(the US in Chinese is 美国, lit "beautiful country." In Japanase it's (amongst other things) 米国, meaning "rice country")

China, looking at the US: wow, so beautiful!
Japan, looking at the US: wow, rice

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