A fic just introduced the phrase “PDA goblin” and I feel viciously called out

I'm switching to a new Chinese app so if I get murdered tomorrow the owl did it

I have decided “go is the blockchain of programming languages” is my final take, I will die on this hill

go is like the blockchain, in that its creators thought they new better than everyone else and are slowly discovering how wrong they are from first principles

if you want, say, your binary to report its version, your only real options are to sed some magic value, or to pass in the go equivilent of a

"go is so simple, all you need is go build" unless you need to do anything other people want to use

10x engineer? No, sorry, I'm a _xanax_ engineer. I'm always stressed, tired, and out of it

.@Hasbro@twitter.com retire you losers

Come over in the next oh, 30 seconds if you want some homemade nachos

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