I'm proud of all I can do and what I've accomplished, but sometimes I wish someone would just break projects up for me and assign me simple tasks

anyone else find themselves nostalgic for being a junior developer

Check out sr.ht/, they do git and hg hosting and haven't supported any fascist regimes

I hope every time @github has an outage I hope they think about the amazing SREs they lost because of a 6-figure contract with literal fascists

if your gender reveal party starts a forest fire you basically can't be cis, right? that's absolutely a portent

I asked @itscaravel to grab me clothes, and she grabbed my comfiest pants instead of my hottest pants, and that's why we're married

rip to every murdered kid in harry potter except harry, apparently their parents just didn't love them enough

Interpretation of the "Little Miss Perfect" in animatics for the Little Witch Academia and Owl House fandoms shows a generational shift in optimism and depictions of queer relationships in media. In this essay I will

It's bisexuality awareness month! I identify as Pan But With The Bi Flag Because It's Prettier

I was like "stop making Persona libertarian" but atlus shrugged

help me lazyweb. Looking for word that means kind of overproduced and lacking heart, specifically to describe a piece of media

Today I learned Tomatoes are more closely related to potatoes than tomatillos

A mod that hides all the planes, call that Microsoft Height Simulator

You know it from anime and manga, it's cicadas

plus i have a lot of unwarranted confidence that my wife* doesn't know how to change the keyboard layout out of dvorak

not many people know this but i am actually an incredible person who is loved by many and worthy of great things, and separately from that i tend to leave my laptop unlocked around my adoring partners

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