wonder if the FBI / NSA paid microsoft to leave encryption out of Windows 10 home edition

I easily get 100+ FPS in Destiny 2 with this setup, which is not bad for an ultra book at all

I thought these were the coolest thing when I first heard about them, and while the reality isn't perfect, it works astonishingly well

My pre-job gift to myself: a new “gaming PC,” in the form of an external GPU enclosure for my laptop!

Touhou is the Green Bay Packers of Japanese media

twitter what should my next fanfiction be about

I like AUs with dramatically lowered stakes, so here is a fic where Cocona and Papika from Flip Flappers try to win an intramural soccer league archiveofourown.org/works/2273

"It's a gamer poem, _and_ it's got feet" - @_seasparks@twitter.com

The lights in our house dim every time every time the printer turns on

(I stopped using OSX at my last job because an upgrade bricked my laptop so bad I had to wipe the hard drive)

[poll] new workplace is all macs. should I:

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