git was definitely written by someone without a developed sense of empathy

Isekai but instead of a fantasy world you wake up in a place that's just slightly different. Like alternate dimension Canada

Me at work, fighting back tears: yeah I don't think rewriting this in Rust is justified right now

This morning I am haunted by the time 10-year-old me rhymed "hunting" with itself

This was all going super well until I realised buffering an image for the display would take 50x the memory the system has

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Happy international lesbian day, bi women can still be lesbians, like this one is

Don't have to document something if you decommission it

But we get more stars. In New York, you don't really get any

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When I first got here I went for a walk and it was extremely jarring to find a place with no streetlights and it was actually hard to see

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The thing about "The City that never sleeps" that you can't really appreciate unless you've lived there is... It doesn't get dark. It's twilight all night long

Given that Google has all the data in the world and a gazillion machine learning algorithms, it's reassuring that it absolutely does not work

And it's real rust too! No Micropythonor TinyGo or whatever, it's the same language I use for websites and Advent of Code, running on a chip so small it doesn't even need a heatsink

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I'm not super experienced with microcontrollers so this is extremely helpful! And it's all compile-time too: most of these types are zero sized so they don't even show up in the compiled binary

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So you can't, for example, initialise a clock twice, or use a pin configured for input on a function that expects an output (like driving an LED)

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Fr though this support library uses the Rust type system in a super cool way. Every resource a microcontroller has (clocks, pins, spi, etc) has a type, and setting it up consumes that type

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Thought of the day: since leaving new york I order a lot more stuff online that I could previously have bought in person. Is that still better (ethically, environmentally) than private car journeys?

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